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SCF ProKick Schools Challenge

We are nearly at the half term holiday, and while some of you will be looking forward to your family break (or dreading it, depending on what you have planned for the kids!), we at Sports Connections Foundation are very happy and excited that our ProKick Schools Challenge is well under way!


This school year, we have visited many schools, from Cheshire, to Oxfordshire and everything in between, and in total so far as a charity, we've engaged with nearly half a million children across the UK! We must say a big thank you to our Play Specialists who tirelessly work away in the background of our charity, waking up at unthinkable hours in order to travel all over the UK to deliver this amazing programme! We are well on our way to our target of engaging with another half a million children around the UK in the next few years - but there's still plenty more to do.


In a nutshell, the ProKick Schools Challenge is a programme is endorsed by some of the biggest names in sport, including the Professional Football Association (PFA), every event is only ever hosted by a current or former professional footballer - our first set of programmes was launched by our very own SCF Ambassador, Jeff Brazier a few years ago, who himself started as a Pro footballer. It is basically

one of the most exciting - and free - school initiatives around, the funds from which help SCF to run some of our many other activities; to grant Sporting Wishes for children with life threatening illnesses; running Inspire Through Sport Programmes for disadvantaged children; and contributing towards the cost of running an orphanage in West Africa under our Inspire Through Sport International banner.


Are you a parent of a primary school child who has taken part in our challenge before and loved it? Or maybe you are a teacher at a school with many disadvantaged and vulnerable children, who would really benefit from a day of activities, and being inspired by people who may have started in backgrounds just like their own? Either way, we are looking to fill the last few spaces in our 2018 calendar, so if you would like to get your school involved in this exciting and motivational event then please contact us or click here to find out more about the ProKick Challenge.

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