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Can You Match Fund SCF's Next Event?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Do you work for a company that does Match Funding? Did you know there are a surprising number of companies across the country that have match funding schemes! These schemes allow you to raise money for charities such as ours, which your company will then match all or a percentage of – so as you can imagine, it’s a fantastic way of increasing the amount of money you raise with very little extra effort.

The following companies that provide a higher chance of being able to provide match funding are:

  • banks

  • building societies

  • insurance companies

  • supermarkets

  • utilities providers

  • phone companies

  • car manufacturers

however there may be more companies out there that are able to match fund which aren’t listed so it is worth asking the accounts department at your company to see what support you may be able to offer.

Sports Connections Foundation have used match funding in the past to help us raise extra funds to support our Children’s Charity. With the money that we’ve raised we have been able to support more deserving children by providing Sporting Wishes for those living with life-limiting illnesses. It has also helped us fund our ProKick Schools Challenge events and also give us extra support for our Inspire Through Inclusion initiative.

Raising money for our various programmes is something that is of great importance to our charity, the children and families that we work with. If you work for someone who offers match funding and you can support just one of our events you have the ability to potentially double the amount of money that we raise at an event, which is tremendously appreciated.

There is no obligation to get involved with Sports Connections Foundation on a regular and/or ongoing basis, (although we would love to have you involved!)

So please get in touch with us via our email:

Thank you for your continued support!

The SCF Team

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