Sports Connections Foundation receives grant funding boost

Children’s charity to run Inspire Through Sport programme with funding from technology giant Qualcomm.

Sports Connections Foundation (SCF), the Cambridgeshire based charity that uses sport to inspire, educate and empower disadvantaged children and young people, has received a significant grant from Qualcomm which will enable them to support children and young people in Cambridge.

The funding will be used for running the charity’s Inspire Through Sport programme, which has been running successfully for over a decade throughout Peterborough, Huntingdon & Basildon. The initial 36-week programme will be able to start later this year and aims to engage and work with up to 1200 children and young people in Cambridge. The charity is liaising with schools, local authorities and charity partners, to ensure that the programme is available to those in the areas of highest social and economic deprivation.

SCF’s work is to support children and young people who are facing the challenge of poor mental health, social isolation and economic deprivation, with a particular focus on transition and inclusion. The charity’s vision is to inspire young people to pursue their dreams and develop inherent potential. Since its inception in 2010, Sports Connections Foundation has engaged with over 550,000 children and young people through its various programmes that use the power of sport to inspire, empower and educate children. The charity is committed to raising aspirations and creating role models for the next generation whilst providing positive exit routes out of poverty and helping to transform communities.

Cambridge is the UK’s most unequal city, with the bottom 20% of the population earning just 2% of the total income. Sports Connections Foundation’s programme will invest in the children and young people of the city through developing interpersonal skills such as building confidence, character and self-esteem. This will be achieved through after school sessions, positive activity sessions, group and 1 to 1 mentoring and school holiday programmes that the charity will provide. Children will be involved in activities which create social interactions and provide safe spaces where young people can come together and form new friendships. This is imperative for the area as 11% of children in Cambridge are living in poverty.

Carmen Fenton from Qualcomm said “We are pleased to be able to help local charities through our Corporate Giving Programme. It is great to give out to the communities.”

Co-Founder, Junior McDougald said: “We are thrilled and truly grateful to have received the grant from Qualcomm, as it enables us to extend our programmes and engage with more children and young people who need our support. The past year and a half have been incredibly challenging for young people with the pandemic increasing mental health struggles, social isolation and economic deprivation. With Cambridge also being the UK’s most unequal city, it is essential that we are able to support as many people in the area as possible and provide positive exit routes and inspirations for those hit the hardest. We look forward to engaging with many more children and young people through our Inspire Through Sport programme.”

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