As a children's charity, Sports Connections Foundation have a core set of values that are held not only by those working for the charity but values that are also shared with our Ambassadors, Charity Partners and Charity Champions.

everything we do as a charity is for the children and a willing to help them in any way we can, be that whilst they are at school, transitioning from Primary to Secondary school, granting Sporting Wishes to those facing life-limiting illnesses or those facing a life of poverty in Africa.

At Sports Connections Foundation we believe that every child matters and deserves the same opportunities. No child should be left feeling like their role in society or amongst their peers is less than any other and so our programmes are designed to be inclusive and supportive of all children regardless of their background or heritage.

as a children's charity we have managed to meet 1000's of children; helping raise self-esteem, give them fantastic memories via our Sporting Wishes and also educate them about global citizenship but we have only scratched the surface as there is so much more and many more children we'd like to help. 

we work with different organisations and people from the world of Sport and Music to help us with the incredible work we do and want to continue doing, helping guide children to positive futures.

Through our ProKick Schools Challenges and our Inspire Through Sports Camps we help educate children about topics such as Global Citizenship, bullying, healthy lifestyles whilst also raising their aspirations and self-worth




Well being
The well being of all children is essential to the work Sports Connections Foundation undertakes. 

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