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About Sports Connections Foundation. 

Sports Connections Foundation believe that every child matters

SCF was established in 2010 with the aim of using the power of sport to inspire, empower, educate and transform the lives of children and young people.

We are proud to have engaged with over 580,000 children and young people through four established programmes.

Making dreams come true for children facing
life-limiting illnesses
Developing positive futures for disadvantaged children
Guiding children away from a life of poverty
Raising aspirations, building resilience & educating children about Global Citizenship
Sports Connections Foundation believe that sport is one of the most powerful tools on the planet, and it has the greatest impact on the lives of children and young people when it's being used for social good. 
We are committed to helping educate thousands of children every week in fun and practical ways, using sport to teach about global citizenship, hardship and poverty that other children face throughout the world.
Building on our extensive experiences and recognising the positive outcomes of our work to date, we are broadening the portfolio of support we provide to beyond the world of sport.
Our aim is to increase the number of exciting opportunities and exit routes we can provide for children and young people through new dynamic partnerships and wonderful connections.

Endorsed by the PFA, we are proud to continue utilising individuals from the world of sport, as we also look forward to unveiling new Ambassadors from the world of Business, Music and Media, who are committed to being role models for the next generation.
We are proud to utilise individuals from the world of sport and music as positive role models, who are committed to helping our charity give support to children that are in need, not just in Cambridgeshire but Nationwide.
We are delighted with the relationships being built between schools in the UK and in some of the worlds poorest countries, and we will continue to play our part in helping them.  
With the help of our valuable supporters, who take part in events such as 'tough mudder' or the London Marathon, or accompany us to Africa to help orphans in Burkina Faso, we are  hoping to engage with another 500,000 children in the near future!
If you are participating in an upcoming sporting event and would like the chance to represent Sports Connections Foundation, please get in touch with us!

Sports Connections Foundation believe that all Children really are the future!

We are totally committed to using the power of sport to engage, inspire, empower and educate children. These are just some of the reasons we exist.

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