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SCF Events & Challenges

Ready to Lace Up and Make a Difference?  

Join Us at the Cambridge Half Marathon on March 3rd, 2024! 


Are you up for a challenge that goes beyond the finish line? Here's your chance to make every step count! Sports Connections Foundation Children's Charity invites you to be a part of something incredible at the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday, March 3rd, 2024.

Run with Purpose: It's more than just a race; it's a race to transform lives. By fundraising for SCF, you'll be directly impacting the futures of children and young people, helping us to provide a variety of programmes to Inspire Through Sport.

Challenge Yourself: Push your limits and embrace the thrill of the half marathon around the colleges and historic sites of Cambridge. It's an opportunity to prove to yourself while making a profound difference in the lives of some of the children and young people who need it most. To find out more and how to enter and run for SCF please contact

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