Sports Connections Foundation
43 Tyndall Court,
Commerce Road,

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Registered Charity Number 1133694
Company Reg No. 07027448 (England and Wales)

Privacy Policy

About Us:

Sports Connections Foundation is a registered Children's Charity based in Peterborough (UK), registration number 1133694, founded on 22 January 2010.

We, Sports Connections Foundation, will collect your information and use it soley for:
  • Collecting Gift Aid and storing the data to comply with HMRC
  • Contacting you if you 'opt in' to receive our newsletter/marketing emails
What data will be stored:
  • Names and addresses will be collected and stored solely by those able to Gift Aid their donations, all other donators' information not eligible will not be stored and will be destroyed.
  • Names and email addresses will be stored if the individual has opted to receive our newsletter
The length of time that the data is kept:

Gift Aid declarations are required to be saved for 6 years. Those opting in to receive newsletters will have the 'opt out' option available to them on every newsletter, otherwise information will be stored until advised by the individual.
Is any information shared with third parties?

Only information used when Gift Aiding will be sent to HMRC to be checked, the information being the name of the individual, address and amount donated. No other information is shared with third parties.
What rights do the data subject have and can they complain?

If at any point the data subject wishes to revoke consent of their information being used in the processes described above their wishes will be fully complied with by Sports Connections Foundation. If at any point the data subject wishes to make a complaint this can be done so in writing to our postal address:
Sports Connections Foundation
43 Tyndall Court
Commerce Road
Alternatively, you can email us at