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We've Moved!

It’s been a very busy start to the calendar year for us here at SCF, along with the Sporting Wishes and ProKick Schools Challenge events that we have been running we have also recently moved offices, having been put in the position of being given notice to leave our premise.


Not all was lost however, thanks to the fantastic help from IPM Global Mobility in Peterborough we are now in a great new location that has offered us both more space to run and grow, and has also given us some new friendly neighbours to share the building with, whilst also being only a few feet from our previous space!

IPM are a company that work in the international HR sector. They provide specialist HR, Tax and Relocation services and management tools for business that employ people who get assigned to overseas work. After a meeting with co-founder Junior McDougald on a cold January evening the company made the quick decision to help us out and within two weeks we were moved with a very beneficial deal on rent.

IPM's Executive Chairman, Alan Bentley & SCF's Junior McDougald

IPM truly understand the great work we do as a Charity describing us as ‘A Charity with a group of people putting others and their needs at the forefront, giving all that they can’

IPM’s Executive Chairman, Alan Bentley, says “We were delighted to seize this opportunity and to support Sports Connections Foundation when they were faced with a desperate situation. We have always generously supported charities and this was an ideal opportunity to cement a longer-term relationship”

A big thanks to the team at IPM for helping our children's charity!

Sport Connections Foundation’s CEO, Junior McDougald, says

“On behalf of the Sports Connections Foundation team, I would like to thank all members from IPM and those involved who made it all happen. We are excited to have IPM Global Mobility as one of our sponsors and truly look forward to having their team on our fundraising events!”

We also want to thank others for their generosity in making this happen:

  • Savills Estate Agents kindly waived their fee.

  • IPM’s trusted solicitor, Duncan Pickering, waived his fee for drawing up the License Agreement.

  • IPM’s trusted IT supplier, Evolve Technologies, also waived their fees for helping to setup the Charity’s technology and equipment when they moved in.


Not only have we successfully supported each other but IPM Global Mobility have proudly chosen Sports Connections Foundation as their Charity of the Year. We look forward to having their team on our fundraising events in the not too distant future!

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