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St Neots Rugby announce SCF as Charity of the year in memory of Sam Foulkes

Sam Foulkes


Sam was an intelligent, handsome, positive young man with a very bright future. So many life experiences, opportunities, sporting activities, social activities, friends and family. He had finished his A levels and was looking forward to starting his degree in Business at Nottingham Trent University in September. All the opportunities of his whole young life ahead of him. Sam was enjoying his freedom, being a teenager, having 'fun' and taking risks. Sadly, Sam thought he was invincible. So many teenagers are looking for the next high, the next thrill, the next buzz and for two of his friends that was what it was, but Sam did not make it. The stark reality of a terrible choice Sam made and a risk he took is devastating.We believe Sam took a combination of prescribed drugs, Xanax, codeine, and the combination was lethal. Sam was privileged in so many ways and like him there are so many others that need that gentle guidance, mentoring and positive role models to help guide them through.

SCF are privileged to have been nominated as the charity of the year by St Neots Rugby Club. Sports Connections Foundation is a charity that uses the power of sport to engage, inspire empower and educate children to fulfil their potential. SCF engage individuals from the world of sport as positive role models who are committed to helping support children in different circumstances. SCF have engaged with over half a million children across the UK and engage with half a million children through their pro kick programme. Through engaging with children in the school environment SCF can identify children who may benefit from dedicated inspire through sport camps or indivual mentoring programmes. This enables children to realise their potential, increase self esteem and confidence in a supportive environment. SCF also provide sporting wishes for children suffering life limiting illnesses and internationally also supports projects which aim to guide children away from a life of poverty.

Sam played rugby for St Neots Rugby club and spent many evenings and Sundays as part of the rugby family. Sam was encouraged and mentored by positive role models, made some fantastic friendships and channelled his energy in such a positive way. It is hoped that by being the charity of the year, we all and the St Neots Rugby club will support other children to build positive futures in Sam’s memory.

St Neots Rugby club will be fundraising through the year, and a calendar of events will be available soon.


Please contact the follow address for more information:


If you are wanting to donate, please use the link below:

Sports Connections Foundation
St. Neots Rugby Club
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