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Sports Connections Foundation Bring Guests & Smiles To Addenbrookes

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

April has been an incredibly busy month so far for SCF. We've granted a Sporting Wish, concluded our 30th and 31st ProKick Schools Challenges of the school year and also went down to visit the children's wards at Addenbrookes Hospital. We were last at Addenbrookes over the Christmas period and thoroughly enjoyed giving the children and their families some smiles and happiness in times where they are facing difficult circumstances. We loved it so much in fact, that as a team we decided that we should try and plan another visit and so as an an early Easter treat for the extremely brave young boys and girls spending time in hospital, SCF Director Junior was accompanied by Charity Champion Gareth, Sporting Wish Coordinator Jane (Mrs Potts), Spider-Man and pop star Kyla on the trip, handing out sweets, signing pictures and posing for some as well!

Spider-Man, Gareth, Kyla & Junior

Spider-Man, Gareth, Kyla & Junior pose for a picture with one of the superstar nurses that took the team around the hospital

Kyla posing with a fan!

Over our visit we met so many incredible children and it was wonderful to be in the position to give them a morale boost, even if only for a few minutes. As we have discovered previously there is huge excitement when Spider-Man comes to visit and with Kyla wanting to come along as well, we managed to give the children the chance to meet someone who has been number 1 in the music charts of over 90 countries!

It was amazing to see and hear just how many of the children were aware of Kyla's music and we had one lovely little lady even start singing her 'One Dance' single with Drake to us! She also gave us a lesson in how to do 'The Floss' which was really fun to watch and take part in. (Although none of us were able to get the dance quite right!)

Spider-Man making new friends!

For those of you with a keen eye on our social media accounts you may have seen that we recently hired two lovely stuffed animal volunteers who helped us celebrate Red Nose Day and these two joined us on our trip, travelling down with Spider-Man, much to the amusement of passers by! Our cuddly Monkey even decided to go home with one of the new friends we made on the wards! As we discovered last time we visited the true superheroes of the day were the staff at Addenbrookes, their caring natures, warm smiles and superb attitudes really are inspiring and after a couple of them chased us down for photos (which we were more than happy to for them) it was lovely knowing that we helped make their day as well!


This was a fantastic start to the Easter Holidays and was such a privilege to be able to not only bring new friends and guests to Addenbrookes but to be able to make new friends as well!

If you aren't doing so already (and I can't believe you're not!) why not follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates on the work we are doing at SCF HQ!

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